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Picture shows complete unit. All items sold separately. Note: Bottom chain not required. Strength is in the head of the unit, thus removing trip hazard.

Retrieval Lifeline /Retractable Lifeline

US-HRA65 3/16” –  galvanized cable. Length – 65’
US-HRA100 3/16” – galvanized cable. Length – 100’
US-HRA150 3/16” – galvanized cable. Length – 150’
NEW! US-HPMH65 – Personnel and material winch 660 lbs. SWL Length 65’
(Personnel and material winch can have additional cable added)

NEW! Tripod – US1-5000XL
Tripod 10’ (Includes 1 pulley, 1 carabiner)

Carrying bag for winches

Carrying bag for 10 ft Tripod and retrieval lifeline system

Bracket for HRA65 or HRA100
Retrieval lifeline / Retractable lifeline

Bracket for HRA 150
Retrieval lifeline / Retractable lifeline

Winch Bracket for HPMH65 Winch

Extra pulley & carabiner