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Pillow-Flex, 4 D-Ring Tongue Buckle Legs, Chest Quick Release and X-Pad

Pillow-Flex, 4 D-Ring Tongue Buckle Legs, Chest Quick Release and X-Pad.

PFX-96305FTQL: Small – Large  (4.4 lbs)
PFX-96306FTQL: X-large (4.5 lbs)

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General Info

Anchorage: The anchorage to which this product is attached must be capable of sustaining a static load in the direction applied by the personal fall arrest system of at least 3600 lbs. with certification of a qualified person or 5000 lbs. without certification. When more than one personal fall arrest system is attached to the same structure, the strength requirements stated above must be multiplied by the number of personal arrest systems attached to the structure.

Plan your personal fall protection system. Before installing and using this equipment, consider all factors affecting your safety during use of this equipment.

Warning: Manufacturer’s instructions supplied with this product at time of shipment must be followed and provided to the end user. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or death. Contact manufacturer if instructions are needed.

  • Warnings and instructions must be read and understood before using equipment.
  • Equipment must be used by trained personnel only.
  • Users must understand all OSHA regulations, ANSI standards, and other relevant regulations and standards pertaining to fall protection equipment.

This product is part of a personal fall arrest system; a fall arrest system is required if there is any risk that a worker may fall from an elevated position. It is a requirement that the fall arrest system be used any time a working height of six feet or more is reached. Working height is defined as the distance from the walking/working surface to a grade or lower level.

This product shall require the user to have a rescue plan and the means at hand to implement it when using the FBH for fall arrest. The following is recommended as part of fall arrest system.


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