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OSHA Fall Protection Regs are a Baseline: ANSI Standards Represent Current Best Practices.

by Marty Sharp OSHA requires fall protection to be provided at: 4 feet in general industry; 5 feet in shipyards; 6 feet in the construction industry; 8 feet in longshoring operations; or any height when working over dangerous equipment and machinery. If you have workers working at or above these heights in the circumstances described, then you’re [...]

In case of a fall…

Ask a teenager what “hanging out” means, and he’ll probably tell you it’s simply sitting around with his friends doing not much of anything. But when it comes to working at heights, “hanging out” is a specific and dangerous position that threatens workers. It’s lonely and dangerous to hang out alone, dangling from the side [...]

Not a Stretch

Fall protection training is crucial for any worker who performs work at height. Without the proper training, workers may not realize the severe consequences of a fall – serious injury or even death. Training consists of both classroom learning on topics such as industry standards, as well as hands-on training about how to use fall [...]

Get serious about Fall Protection

by Marty Sharp and Arthur M. Stevens Years ago fall protection equipment was heavy and uncomfortable. Buckles and D-rings were clumsy, bulky forgings. Harness webbing was stiff and abrasive. No wonder workers avoided wearing them, even when they understood the risks. Several years ago at my company we introduced a tower worker’s harness that met [...]

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